Side Effects of Clomid

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Clomid refers to drugs for muscle recovery, he has small side effects. Such effects are possible with improperly increased dosage. These include temporary visual impairment, blurred images, circles before the eyes, malfunction of the liver, enlarged genital organs (ovaries), abdominal pain, multiple pregnancy. Since Clomid acts on the pituitary gland, it can increase in size and compress the optic nerve. Such side effects are reversible and are not the cause of the panic state, however, if this happened, the drug should be immediately stopped. Clomid dosage for bodybuilders is not recommended for athletes who spend a lot of time behind the wheel when constant visual activity is required. Or it is recommended to not get behind the wheel at the time of the reception. Another serious side effect is a change in mood. Many reports indicate that women who have been taking        
Clomid for a long time develop various behavioral problems. This may be a deep depression, irritability, anxiety or aggression. There have also been cases of paranoia, anxiety and insomnia.
Despite such unpleasant complications in some people, studies conducted in many clinics claim that this happens only in 1% of women taking Clomid. There is no information about how many bodybuilders experience these Side Effects of Clomid.
  The dosage should be set individually at the consultation on the reception of steroids. As a rule, it ranges from 50 mg (2 tablets). Take the drug should be orally, drinking water. If the patient or the athlete was prescribed a large dose, then the drug should be divided several times a day. The drug can not be taken longer than 14 days. Often found course: experienced athletes take Buy Clomiphene Clomid 100 mg per day, dividing the dose into two parts. On the 6th day of taking Clomid, reduce the dosage.


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